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Engines and technology 2021

Engines and technology 2021

When choosing a yacht, one of the most important issues that will ultimately determine your satisfaction with your purchase is the right engine. It is directly related to the issues of range, speed and final costs. For example, direct injection technology and torque optimization are able to precisely control the amount of fuel that enters the cylinders. As a result, the motor runs quieter, more technologically advanced and, of course, more reliable.

First 3D printed propeller

The French company Naval Group has made a breakthrough that can find a worthy application in yachting. A naval shipbuilder 3D printed a fully functioning propeller. The propeller has a wingspan of 2.5 meters, and each of the five blades weighs 200 kg. It is the largest 3D printed object of its kind. The propeller was installed on the 52-meter ship Andromède, and then a number of successful sea trials were carried out.

Although 3D printing such a large and complex object is already a great achievement in itself, the company claims that this is just the beginning. The Naval Group, inspired by its successful track record, wants to continue to develop in this direction and focus on the development of other marine «parts» that will benefit from this kind of innovation. After all, this technology has a very promising future: it allows you to reduce the weight of the printed «part» and shorten the production time, which means it will be able to bring the production of spare parts for yachts to a new level. After all, such a seal is limited only by fantasy and the laws of physics. It seems that very soon it will be possible to expect the emergence of complex geometric shapes, which previously could not be achieved using other processes.


Yamaha kicked off 2021 with an update to the V6 Offshore series. The 4.2L F250 and F300 outboards boast features first seen on the most powerful production outboard ever, XTO Offshore. For example, they received the same high-precision electric steering (DES). The latest technology provides smooth, fast response and only draws battery current during active use. A DES motor is significantly easier to mount than conventional steering systems as it does not have a cluttered pump, hose, hydraulic line or connection. Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) technology diverts exhaust above the anti-cavitation plate, protecting the propeller when reversing at less than 2,500 rpm. The engine is capable of delivering high speeds even for a fairly large cruiser thanks to the improved thrust and torque characteristics of these engines. Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt function adjusts engine tilt and trim, all with the simple push of a button. There is also a new built-in tilt limiter to help prevent unintentional damage.

Previously, Yamaha introduced the Helm Master EX, a new version of the steering. It’s essentially an autopilot that includes a redesigned display, push-button stop / start, RFID keyfob and innovative joystick. The latter boasts even smoother and more precise handling, providing improved maneuverability.

Helm Master EX has a number of features such as Autopilot, which calculates the optimal heading. Another new technology, DriftPoint Track, keeps the boat on a given route, for example, at a certain distance from the shore or from underwater objects such as reefs and wrecks. Electric Power Steering (DES) can be fitted to most previous Yamaha models, where the Electronic System (DEC) has been extensively redesigned to simplify handling and improve ergonomics.

Mercury Marine

Mercury, in addition to the new engine, also threw its energies into the development of new technologies. For example, 1st Mate is a whole range of security measures, as well as the protection of the yacht and its guests. If a person is overboard, the system will start signaling about it. It will transmit this information both to the central hub and to the key fobs of other guests, indicating the coordinates of the man overboard (thanks to the built-in GPS). Also, the First Mate can be programmed to wirelessly block the engine to prevent unauthorized use of the boat. The same will happen if for some reason the captain falls overboard, then the system will automatically inform the coastal services. No wonder she was awarded the Best of Innovation Awards.

Another updated technology — Mercury Active Trim — is planned to be integrated into all outboard motors from 175 hp. from. This system will be able to automatically balance the engine. By reading the data from the built-in GPS sensor and comparing it with the driving speed, Active Trim corrects and sets the most effective tilt angle (trim). Trim increases (when accelerating) or decreases (when decelerating or cornering) based on the change in travel speed. Active Trim improves engine performance, significantly saves fuel and simplifies boat handling. But if for some reason you don’t need it, you can always turn it off and switch to completely manual control.


Another Japanese brand that has grown significantly over the past decade is Suzuki.

The company recently unveiled two four-stroke engines, the DF115BG and DF140BG, equipped with Drive-by-Wire and Suzuki Precision Control. They significantly reduce fuel consumption at high speeds, especially when combined with the Lean Burn Control System. Also, both engines received a new type of cover, which makes it easy to remove it to replace the oil filter.

Suzuki DF300B is a 300 hp four-stroke engine. with., which uses the already well-known technology of twin propellers — Suzuki Dual Prop System. With opposite rotation to each other, the propellers effectively transmit thrust, affecting acceleration and increasing the directional stability of the vessel.

The combination of counter-rotating propellers and a compact 2-Stage Gear Reduction results in the engine delivering high propulsive performance. According to the company, the DF300B has the same technology as the flagship DF350A with 350 hp. with., and can also run on regular gasoline with an octane rating of 91.

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