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Mercury unveils world's first V12 outboard engine

Mercury unveils world's first V12 outboard engine

Mercury Marine unveiled the new Verado outboard during an exclusive event in Florida, where the company’s test facility is located. It is the world’s first V12 outboard motor. Its volume is 7.6 liters, the power is 600 hp. and weighs about 570 kilograms. With this model, Mercury not only sets the tone for heavy-duty suspension, but also offers several innovative technologies for a wide variety of applications.

Previously, in order to provide the required characteristics to boats, it was necessary to follow the path of increasing the number of motors. But Mercury concluded that a larger outboard engine would be the best solution. He could better optimize cruise and top speed. Especially when you consider that the engine is designed for large and heavy boats, and with this engine owners will get the same high performance characteristics as small boats.

“With boats continuing to grow, as well as expectations for their performance, yachting enthusiasts have long awaited an improved ‘powerful’ solution to meet their needs. So the V12 Verado is our answer, ”said Chris Drys, President of Mercury Marine. “This engine makes it easier to maneuver boats in the marina and provides excellent handling at all speeds. It is incredibly economical, so the range is significantly longer, which means you can go further, and therefore stay at sea longer. It’s so smooth and quiet that you can’t stop talking while the engine is running. It is durable, reliable and easy to maintain. This is a great engine that will change the future of yachting. »

Mercury gave the V12 600 a tremendous amount of power and torque that works effectively for this size. The engine has a naturally aspirated power unit with a large displacement and four camshafts. In addition, a two-stage transmission is used here. First speed has a 20 percent gear ratio, which creates impressive torque to get big boats off and on planing quickly. The outboard then shifts into second gear, decelerating to improve fuel economy.

To save space aft, Mercury designed the engine with a narrow V-design. It is designed in such a way that 4 cylinders are installed on top of 8. That is why the new 600s can be installed close to each other, where the distance from the center of one engine to another is only 70 centimeters. This is only 3 centimeters more than the «seats» of the younger version of Verado, with a capacity of 400 hp.

In addition, Mercury eliminated the need for outboard steering to keep feed clean. And the steering system itself is easier to adjust, since it does not rotate the entire mass of the engine, but only its lower block. The classic outboard swivels 30 degrees on either side, while the new V12 Verado can swivel 45 degrees for a much wider range of motion. Counter-rotating propellers help to “grip” water more efficiently when docking or other maneuvers near the dock.

Also, the Verado 600 does not require scheduled maintenance for the first 200 hours of operation. When the time comes, it is enough to open the hood by pressing a button, and then drain / fill the transmission grease and fluid through the top of the engine. Everything is elementary!

“We have invested significant resources and effort to expand our capabilities and turn an idea into a practical, functional and trustworthy solution,” said Tim Reed, Mercury vice president of product development and engineering. “This gives us the ability to anticipate and respond to market changes. We carefully listen to the needs and desires of boat owners and create new opportunities for our products that exceed even the most daring expectations.» Mercury says it has spent five years developing the engine, which is due to begin shipping in late spring. Estimated cost will be from $ 80,000.

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