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Company «Regent Yachts» provides a full range of services:

legal support in the acquisition;

logistics and transportation;

service maintenance;

technical support;

registration of a yacht or boat;




yacht leasing.

In addition to the sale and rental of water transport from the best shipyards in the USA and Europe, the Regent Yachts company specializes in providing such services as yacht maintenance. Due to the fact that our division of the yacht holding has many modern and high-tech tools and spare parts at its disposal, repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.

This is facilitated by the presence of qualified specialists, who also ensure the accuracy of work and compliance with international standards adopted in this field.

Yacht repair in Kyiv by Regent Yachts includes:
preliminary diagnostics, during which modern electronics and special software (software) are used. Thanks to this, our staff will identify and eliminate even the smallest defects that affect the functionality of motor water transport;repair of the bottom, propeller and intermediate shaft; repair of fiberglass hulls of boats and yachts; motor repair/replacement; elimination of «decorative» defects, etc.

In addition to the fact that we repair boats and yachts, Regent Yachts provides services for the installation of additional equipment (satellite systems, echo sounder, external lighting, desalinators, heaters, transom plates, etc.).

Many parts are available in our warehouse, and we will quickly find rare components and deliver them to the place of repair work.

Features of the order

If you need to repair or prepare your motorboat for sale, Regent Yachts is ready to be your partner and real support in this matter. By choosing us, clients receive an individual approach to each individual case.

The only thing that unites our repair services is honesty and work on a transparent basis, with preliminary conclusions of the contract. An official guarantee is provided for all services received from the company’s staff.

You can choose the most suitable package of services in advance by ordering a consultation from our specialist. You can get it by phone or at the office in Kyiv.

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