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Suzuki unveils new outboard motors for 2022

Suzuki unveils new outboard motors for 2022

Three new four-stroke outboard engines have appeared in the Suzuki model range at once: DF140B, DF115B and DF100C. They are designed to replace the DF140A and DF115A models from the A series, as well as the DF100B from the B series. The company’s engineers have made many changes to each of the models, so that they can be confidently considered new generation engines.

In addition to sporty design and ease of maintenance, Suzuki’s new products boast durability and high performance. For example, injectors and fuel pumps will be able to provide serious performance in all models. The company also improved the air intake system, which even better protects against moisture. Engine fuel filters will be equipped with a water detection sensor, and fuel vapors will be separated even more thoroughly. The new flywheel will be able to intensively cool the incoming air and much more.

Suzuki claims that the DF140B, DF115B and DF100C models deliver high performance without increasing engine weight. The cylinder head has been redesigned to increase the compression ratio from 9.7 to 10.6, resulting in better top speed and faster acceleration, as well as improved fuel economy.

The new outboards also include a 40 amp alternator that is claimed to provide improved power and battery charging at low idle. The redesigned hood includes a new muffler-resonator system that will keep the engine quieter.

With regard to facilitating routine maintenance, changing the oil filter is as simple as removing the top cover of the engine. The diameter of the oil level check port has been widened to 15mm to allow the use of a larger oil change hose. In addition, a new oil catcher on the filter mount prevents the bathing platform from getting dirty due to accidental oil spills.

Suzuki assures that the new products will take their rightful place among the innovative, lightweight and economical four-stroke outboard motors. They can provide the power, performance and reliability required by different boats and how they are used on the water.


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