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Submarine Triton 3300/6: family dive now available

Submarine Triton 3300/6: family dive now available

Purchasing equipment for deep diving is not only the lot of scientists. Nowadays every yacht owner who has a sufficient supply of curiosity and extreme can afford to expand the boundaries of the usual yachting and explore the underwater world. All you need to do is have your own small submarine on board.

Whereas previously submarines were only part of expedition equipment or sophisticated technological decorations for Hollywood films, today private submarines are increasingly becoming an obligatory component of superyachts, expanding the usual boundaries for those who love sea travel.

Diving enthusiasts will especially appreciate the advantages of their own submarine on board the yacht. And while shipbuilding flagships compete to surprise the size and luxury of giant private submarines, the Triton brand, which specializes in integrating submarines into the traditional superyacht environment, offers yet another ergonomic innovation. Among the compact private submarines that can easily fit on a yacht and bring new extreme entertainment to the life of yachtsmen, there is a model that makes it easy to arrange a family dive or an underwater party with friends.

The submarine Triton 3300/6 is one of the latest developments of the company. With the world’s largest spherical acrylic body, the developers guarantee luxurious deep-sea diving for up to six people at once. The armchairs are positioned so that guests do not feel discomfort, and panoramic glazing ensures that no one has the feeling of a confined space.

The developers focused on safety, ergonomics, convenience and maximum visibility for all participants in the «underwater odyssey.» The sleek futuristic design, heavy-duty body and the ability to accommodate 6 people have made the Triton 3300/6 one of the most sought-after on the market. Also, the submarine can be configured to accommodate four people. It is important that in any configuration, everyone will get the same great look. All support systems, including air conditioning, lighting, are located under the seats, so that nothing is obstructed by panoramic views of marine flora and fauna.

Triton has a relatively small size — only 4.5 by 3.6 meters, weighs 11,000 kg and develops speeds up to three knots. It is important that the submarine can be launched using standard cranes and tender hoists. Powerful LED lighting and the ability to dive up to 1,000 meters create the conditions for this family trip to be remembered for a long time.


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