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Saxdor Yachts revolutionizes outboard boats

Saxdor Yachts revolutionizes outboard boats

This company was born out of a dream to create a new type of watercraft — a multifunctional sports boat with an unusual design and hull geometry. And this innovation has already proved its attractiveness: the first 200 hulls have been launched, and the queue for new boats has lined up for a whole year ahead. It’s all about the new Saxdor Yachts brand and its first-born 200 Sport.

Saxdor Yachts is the successfully realized idea of ​​Sakari Mattila, the creator and leading designer of the brand, as well as the founder of four more successful boat brands that have received international awards: XO-boats, Paragon, Aquador.

Saxdor is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Therefore, do not be surprised if the new boats vaguely remind you of something you have seen before: practical Scandinavian design, a steep vertical bow and several superstructure solutions at the same time.

Saxdor is rightfully one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic brands. In just a year, they managed to present two models — Saxdor 200 and 320, each with numerous options, additional equipment and an expanded range of motors. Saxdor Yachts has another 400 model on its way, so we can expect a significant expansion of the lineup in the next year or two.


The first Saxdor 200 Sport is a 6m boat that draws attention with its bold and striking exterior and, to be honest, incredible base equipment and value, which includes a 100-horsepower Mercury outboard engine.

So what is Saxdor’s appeal? First, thanks to the bold print, angular style and laconic deck, the boat looks much sportier and more seductive than the classics. Secondly, the 200 Sport will be equally good both for beginners and for those who are looking for something more powerful, more interesting and ready to climb a notch higher. It is easy to operate, economical to operate, but at the same time fast — it will definitely be fun to make coastal walks on it.

The beautiful body, designed in conjunction with J&J Design, has two steps — these are protrusions or «steps» on the bottom, which reduce water resistance during acceleration. The deck is 2.3 meters wide with an unusually sharp deadrise angle of 22.5°. This characteristic determines how softly and quickly the boat will enter planing, cut waves well when moving and just obey the steering wheel at the moment of a sharp turn. So, it seems that the Saxdor 200 Sport has fully «entered» the territory of racing boats, if we compare it with its 20-foot counterparts, which have a wider deck and a dead-lift angle of maximum 18 °. This means that you can expect breathtaking speeds from him.

The Saxdor 200 Sport is also exceptionally light — only 780 kg without engine or around 1000 kg with outboard. It is at least half a ton lighter than its class, which means high performance and impressive fuel consumption. By the way, such a weight greatly simplifies the towing and launching of the boat into the water — it can be transported on a trailer, hooked onto an ordinary «family» car, and not on a powerful Off-road. Simple and easy, just like transporting a regular Jet Ski.


And the creators offer a version of the 200 Sport with three seats, reminiscent of landing on a scooter. The three jockey seats are arranged in a row, one behind the other, and are equipped with stainless steel handles for optimal safety. The lowered sides give a completely different sense of speed, which, combined with the raised seating position, makes you forget that you are in the boat. It seems that you are sitting somewhere high — just like on a scooter.

Of course, there is also a classic seating arrangement — two «bucket seats» at the helm station, which provide excellent body support, right on the supercar, and a double passenger sofa, which can be «oriented» against and in the direction of travel thanks to the movable backrest.


The Saxdor 200 Sport also has a spacious bow deck with full-length storage underneath. But what can you add? A huge list of additional options! Perhaps, for the first time, the opportunity to make an awning and a sleeping place has been realized. The CamperStyle tent is also for those who want to take a nap on board. You can also equip the boat with a sports bow with a bimini top or hard top. At the stern, there may be a towing device for water skis, a ladder for launching into the water and a shower. Whether it’s fishing, water sports or relaxing with friends and family, Saxdor can delight everyone.

The motorization of the boat deserves special attention. The Saxdor 200 Sport comes with a 100 hp Mercury engine- it is ideal for beginners. For those who want more performance, you can choose the more powerful version in 115 hp. with. to go to a maximum speed of about 34 knots.


If you want more drive, you can switch to the Saxdor 200 Pro Sport. This modification is for the more experienced. With 175 hp V6 sports engines the boat flies like a rocket until it reaches a top speed of 45 knots — not a sensation for the faint of heart.

In addition, the Saxdor 200 Pro Sport comes with more advanced hardware already preinstalled. For example, trims (transom plates) and a smoother and therefore more expensive Mercury electronic throttle. The power steering sports steering wheel matches the sleek, illuminated stainless steel shifters. Optionally, you can install dual 9-inch Simrad MFD touch screens, so that the helm station immediately becomes less ascetic-spartan. And it is also well protected from bad weather: the position of the windshield is adjustable in height, and guests will not receive a portion of wind and splashes in the face.

The Saxdor 200 Pro Sport or 200 Sport, whichever option is chosen, makes a good impression on the dock and looks like a scaled-down mega-yacht tender. To maximize the potential of the Saxdor 200, you can set up a stereo system and race through the water with music while enjoying the scenery as it flies by. And this will definitely be a pleasure, because it is almost impossible to imagine another boat that could offer such a pleasure for such money.

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