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Rio Yachts Espera 34

Rio Yachts Espera 34

Looking for a great tender, a sports cruiser, or better just two in one? Then it makes sense to pay attention to the versatile 10-meter Rio Yachts Espera 34.

It was launched for the 50th anniversary of the shipyard, and its roots also go back to the first wooden motor boats built by Rio Yachts. Elegance is also reflected in the updated model. Without a doubt, the new Espera 34 also demonstrates the DNA of its heritage. Rio Yachts does build their boats to a very high level of customization, which is unusual in this yacht segment.

The body of the new Espera features a solid, slightly shimmery color called Esthec, while the black windshield and light upholstery provide an excellent contrast.

The exterior, like the interior, was designed by Marino Alfani. They gave the cruiser a sleek and minimalist design. At the same time, the cruiser is not devoid of a practical component, this is especially true for storage volumes, which, perhaps, exceed the real needs of a day cruiser. For example, the aft swim platform is sized for large boats. There are a lot of lockers all over the place and you can place anything under the seats.

The wide cockpit converts the seats into a large sunbathing area or, if you prefer, into a dining area protected by a folding awning. The kitchen area is similarly integrated into a fiberglass rack just behind the wheelhouse. The sofa at the stern has been moved to the port side to create a wider passage to the bow, but here, too, a large dining table rises from below deck. The bow deck itself is equipped with two mattresses, separated by a porthole, the function of which becomes really important as soon as you descend into the cabins.

The lower deck has a small bathroom, a C-shaped dinette that can be converted into an extra bed and a second berth under the stairs. All these features make the boat ideal for weekends and even small cruises.

Other qualities of the Espera 34 can be appreciated. Indeed, it is a very ergonomic boat. For example, all seat backs are high enough to maintain correct body position even when cornering. The stability during navigation allows guests to go even for drinks while the boat is moving at a fairly high speed.

The Espera 34 can be equipped with a pair of 250 hp Mercury gasoline engines. from. or two diesel Mercruisers, 230 hp each. with., although in the arsenal there are also more powerful engines. All engines of the new generation are characterized by low fuel consumption, unrivaled power, light weight and ease of maintenance — indispensable for long journeys. The maximum speed, depending on the engine, will be between 37 and 45 knots.


Next year, the shipyard is celebrating its 60th anniversary with even more new and interesting models. Either way, every Rio Yachts boat — pleasure yacht or sports cruiser — has symmetrical clean lines, ample deck spaces and exquisite details with premium finishes typical of the shipyard.

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