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Rio Yachts Daytona 46

Rio Yachts Daytona 46

This year, Rio Yachts will present the new Daytona 46 in Genoa. With its appearance, it has joined the line of the same name, the first model of which, the Daytona 34, was successfully presented last year.

“The Daytona 46 is a practical open cruiser suitable for sailing, where guests value open spaces and prefer good dynamics,” explains Rio Yachts. Marino Alfani, entrusted with the concept, body and interiors, created a new model with sporty and sleek lines with perfect symmetry. The top speed is over 40 knots and the cruising speed is estimated at 30 knots. The Daytona 46 can be powered by three outboard or two stationary diesel engines.

Daytona 46 gives guests an inextricable connection with the sea. On the aft platform, both on the port and starboard sides, there are two large terraces. The open galley in the central part of the deck acts as a divider between the cockpit and the steering area. This entire area is protected by an «improved» bimini canopy that can adapt to different spaces thanks to a base of two instead of four.

On the lower deck, a single living space was designed, filled with natural light. If guests are on board, the cabins can be separated by a movable wall to create the privacy you need.

Shipyard: Rio Yachts (Italy)

Model: Daytona 46

Design: Marino Alfani

Body material: fiberglass

Maximum speed, knots: 40

Engines: 2 x 370 HP YANMAR

Length, m/ft: 14.90/48’88 »

Beam, m/ft: 4.30/14’1 »


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