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Raymarine Cyclone: a range of CHIRP radars

Raymarine Cyclone: a range of CHIRP radars

These open-array radars are distinguished by their impressive design, extraordinary functionality, and high mechanical strength, they provide confidence even in the harshest conditions, superior fish hunting and good navigation on busy waterways.

The new Cyclones are available in 3 ft, 4 ft, and 6 ft (0.91 m, 1.21 m and 1.82 m) antenna array designs, with two power outputs available for each model.

Each model uses innovative detection technologies, including Cyclone Bird Mode, which transforms the Cyclone radar into a unique, one-of-a-kind device.


The wing-like aggressive design of the Cyclone system will appeal to even the most demanding, and thanks to its compactness, the unique functionality of the Cyclone radar with open antenna arrays has become available to almost any vessel.


The Cyclone radar, with a height of only 335 mm, provides increased flexibility in terms of ship design, as well as more flexibility in terms of system installation.


The fast antenna rotation at 60 RPM provides a 360-degree view as well as highly accurate tracking of up to 100 targets for the Automated Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) in real time, even when the boat is moving at maximum speed.


With Cyclone radar, captains have the ability to simultaneously maximize the visibility of near and far targets using Raymarine’s RangeFusion ™ technology. RangeFusion technology combines the range of near targets with short pulses for close targets and long pulses for long targets to provide a single, easier-to-analyze radar image.


When you need to quickly locate fish and reach them in no time, Cyclone Radar’s Bird Mode provides the ability to detect distant flocks of seabirds flying over schools of fish. Bird Mode intelligently optimizes radar power and anti-reflective capabilities to locate seabirds and provide fishermen with the intelligence they need to find food fish and their accompanying predatory fish.

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