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New Catalina 24 at Flibs 2021

New Catalina 24 at Flibs 2021

Chris-Craft chose the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show as the site for the world debut of the new Catalina 24. At 7.6 meters long, this was the shipyard’s fourth model to be unveiled in the last two years. Every inch of the Catalina 24 has been carefully considered, so that the chosen deck layout with center console can offer maximum functionality and comfort.

The new Catalina 24 particularly highlights the classic elements that set Chris-Craft apart from other brands. Distinctive features of the line are the beveled stern, the «deep V» hull, and the Carolina Flare type bow.

The indoor version of the control post will come standard on the Catalina 24, the bathroom has a nice ceiling height, and the built-in crane storage mounts and additional sunshade racks add even more comfort. At the bow, the sides are slightly elevated to ensure both smooth sailing and guest comfort. A hatch in the bow has storage space for a stainless steel anchor, and cupholders and an audio system make this area perfect for relaxing. Similar to other Chris-Craft models, an optional table can be installed in the bow to enhance the space.

The control post has exquisite classic details, but at the same time it keeps up with the times. The latest electronics include a 12-inch Garmin display, a Fusion Apollo stereo, and on-board controls from Mercury Vessel View. A small glove compartment allows you to store small items, and the stainless steel steering wheel is decorated with soft inlays and complemented by an ergonomic gearshift lever.

A team of engineers and designers has developed a unique two-way seat for the Catalina 24 and plans to patent the system. In the forward-facing position, the seat has an elevated position to provide optimal visibility for the captain. And to create a comfortable conversation area, it swivels «facing aft.» Signature upholstery is complemented with lacquered mahogany and stainless steel elements, there are built-in storage compartments on either side, and a retractable Yeti fridge under the seat. An extended aft platform and side door for easy boarding are also offered as standard on the boat.

The Catalina 24 is all about beauty and function, and its ability to create memories on the water is simply unparalleled.

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