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Marex 330 Scandinavia

Marex 330 Scandinavia

Every year, several prestigious events take place in the world of yachting, where they award an award for the best motor yacht in a particular category. Industry experts, including editors from leading specialized publications, thoroughly test boats, study their characteristics and give their verdict. And Marex with enviable consistency is not only nominated, but also consistently collects several awards for each new model. The first in the piggy bank — «The best family yacht». And while we are awaiting the rest of the results, perhaps it makes sense to tell why the new 330 Scandinavia is so captivating.

Painstaking process

The novelty became the first cruiser in the revived Scandinavia line. Although it makes no sense to make any comparisons with the original lineup, because in its development 330 Scandinavia has long been head and shoulders above its predecessors. Rather, the new «Scandinavia» will be appropriate to compare in spirit and functionality with the Marex 375, but only in a compact size.

The design bureau Nikl Design, based in Slovenia, has been working on all Marex projects for over ten years. That being said, 330 Scandinavia was one of those projects that took longer than usual. And the point is not only that due to the pandemic, teamwork often had to be replaced by self-isolation and a forced home office, which naturally extended the process. Some solutions were returned for revision several times, each time improving both the visual component and ergonomics. Nevertheless, as a result of painstaking work, a completely new, balanced planing hull of the Scandinavia was born.

Scandinavian functionality

The length of the Marex 330 Scandinavia will vary from 9.99 to 10.49 meters, depending on the size of the swimming area the future owner chooses. The elongated version of 119 centimeters will allow you to take on board a small tender. For his descent, there is an optional davit, which is integrated into the platform, folds down and is hidden under the teak deck. But if there are restrictions on the size of the vessel when mooring, say, in a popular marina or on lakes with small berths, there is also a shortened version of the platform at 68 centimeters. The width of the deck in any of the versions remains unchanged — 3.4 meters.

The Marex 330 Scandinavia is a very practical boat, well thought out to the smallest detail. Among the first surprises is the fold-down bench integrated into the bulwarks aft. She suggests that you can stay here with a fishing rod or take a breath after the swim and use the deck shower — it is built right under the seat. It is unlikely to replace a beach club or sun lounger, but this is not required.

The Marex 330 Scandinavia won the Best Family Boat award for a reason. All decisions here are dictated by security. For example, there are no sharp corners on board, and all these rounded lines allow you to more imbued with the idea of ​​protection and enveloping comfort. The side walkways are wide enough to move comfortably without feeling stiff, and the safety rails are raised high enough so that neither adult nor child inadvertently falls overboard. Even such a trifle as an additional handrail, which is built into the superstructure, will once again thank the Scandinavian prudence during a choppy sea.

Indeed, when you think of Marex, you mean practicality. And there is more than enough of her here. For example, have you ever wondered where fenders are usually stored when you are at sea? On larger boats this is not a problem, and on smaller cruisers they often just lie in the aisles or in the cockpit. On 330 Scandinavia, there are under-deck niches for this purpose. The launching ladder is integrated into the bathing platform and is also hidden by a hatch flush with the deck.


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