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Local yachting: fishing or cruising

Local yachting: fishing or cruising

Yachts have long ceased to be an attribute of luxury and something unattainable. Of course, nobody canceled the luxury segment — superyachts belong to a completely different level of life, just like private jets or super-exclusive cars. However, a boat may not be a luxury, but a new way to relax near your home — all this is just about such a direction as local yachting.

This concept appeared relatively recently, but is gaining more and more popularity. This term means all kinds of travel on a yacht «near your home». And after all, such a body of water can be not only the sea, but also rivers, lakes or reservoirs.

It would seem that even if you do not live in the Mediterranean Sea, you can still enjoy your vacation on board under the measured swaying of the waves. What to do on board? Anything! Read a book, sunbathe, and then have a delicious lunch! This is pure romance, and if you add to this the silence, sounds of the surrounding nature and beautiful views, a simple boat trip becomes a pleasant adventure. Or, on the contrary, it will ride at speed along the banks of the river, enjoying the passing landscapes. Indeed, all these familiar forests, rocks and backwaters from this angle and look completely different.

For skiing or wakeboarding, rivers or lakes are also great. After all, the waves are created directly by the towing boat, so you do not depend on the wishes of the wind.

In addition to sailing on a yacht, you can also go fishing and go in search of the perfect bite. We hope you haven’t drawn pictures of fishermen on small boats with oars and other Spartan paraphernalia for a long time? In this direction, the industry has made significant strides forward! In addition to the most modest models, this category includes sport fishing boats with built-in rods, fish finders, large refrigerators and freezers for catching and other necessary equipment. Yes, fishing from a yacht is also an advantage because in case of a bad bite, you can go over and anchor at a new location.

By the way, having traveled along the beautiful coastline, it’s just great to be able to moor and organize a hearty picnic with family or friends — another great entertainment. In this case, it is advisable that the boat has cabins and amenities so that you can stay overnight. The mere thought of a pleasant swaying on the river waves already gives warm feelings and sensations.

Well, for those who, nevertheless, are not imbued with outdoor recreation, but loves parties and parties, on a yacht you can take an evening walk along the night city, effectively approaching a restaurant in a yacht club or a resort on the water.

In any case, lunch, dinner, wakeboarding, fishing or social gatherings are great times on board and a good option for local yachting.

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