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How to avoid running off fuel on a yacht

How to avoid running off fuel on a yacht

One of the most common emergencies on yachts is “out of gas”.

In fact, as a rule, in a situation when the fuel has run out, you have no arguments and excuses, but this can happen even with the most experienced captains. But there are some easy steps you can take to avoid this frustrating experience.

Beware of unpredictable weather

Keep in mind that harsh sea conditions — resulting in shock or sinking, or forcing the boat to slow down — can quickly reduce fuel efficiency. Therefore, plan your trips with tides, flows and forecasted winds in mind, which can save fuel and money. Use forecasts, charts, and tide logs to plan routes and determine when conditions will minimize unexpected situations.

Many captains never take this aspect into account when calculating the amount of fuel needed for their yacht. In fact, more fuel is needed in windy weather than in calm seas. Of course, modern devices can help you to always be aware of the weather forecast and partially guarantee that you do not go sailing in inclement weather. However, the power of nature is still unpredictable and you better be prepared for any situation.

Principle of thirds

Compliance with this rule, as old as a pebble on the seabed, begins with calculating the amount of fuel.

It’s very simple: every time you plan to go on a yacht trip, you must calculate the amount of fuel you need in such a way that it does not exceed one third of your tank’s capacity. The remaining two-thirds should be equally divided by the amount required for the return trip, and for unpredictable situations that may arise at any time.

Always have a plan B

Sometimes, on long boat trips, you may forget to refuel. Don’t panic and don’t look for the guilty ones. Better to act quickly. Even if you don’t follow the desired itinerary, which you have spent a lot of time planning, and perhaps even lose a little money on the accommodation already booked, you should find the nearest marina to moor your yacht. Wherever you go and whatever situations you find yourself in while sailing, always remain calm and confident.

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