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What to choose: boat or jet ski?

What to choose: boat or jet ski?

Where do you need to start to answer this question? Of course, to understand what a boat and a jet ski are, as well as for what purposes they serve and what are their main characteristics.

Boats are called small boats with a motor from 6 to 10 meters long. They can be equipped with a stationary, that is, an internal motor, or outboard external motors, one or more at once. Boats are designed for walks along the coast, ranging from a few hours to a whole day on the water. Therefore, for the convenience of guests, there may be a toilet with a shower, a kitchenette and / or a bar on board, and the open deck is often equipped with a folding dining table, sunbeds and a hardtop or stretch bimini top that will protect from the sun.

A jet ski or Jet Ski is a watercraft that is designed for outdoor activities on the water. They usually have a powerful built-in motor. Structurally, they are distinguished not only by the number of passengers who can get on the scooter, but also by how, in fact, to control the «jet» — standing or sitting. Stand-up jet skis are very maneuverable and made of lightweight materials, they are used for sports competitions and you can do different tricks on them. Seated Jet Skis are designed for two or three passengers, and this is more of a means for sea trips with a breeze.

If we compare a boat and a jet ski in several characteristics, then in terms of speed and maneuverability, the jet ski will be the leader, but as far as comfort is concerned, then the boat will undoubtedly take the lead. However, the young Finnish company Saxdor made a splash in the world of small boats with the introduction of the compact 200 Sport and the more powerful 200 Pro Sport.

The fact is that they managed to combine in this watercraft the advantages of both a jet ski and a full-fledged motor boat. For example, the Saxdor 200 Sport has the agility you need when leaving the marina, and the speed performance that rivals a Yamaha or Sea Doo jet ski. The shipyard also offers several engines at once, with which the boat accelerates very quickly up to 45 knots. Not without reason, this boat received the Best of Boats 2020 award and was noted as an ideal choice for beginners in the world of yachting, because it is as easy to operate as a jet ski.

This is one of the main differences between a boat and a jet ski — the type of drive: the jet ski has a built-in jet engine, while the boat has a propeller.

If we compare the Saxdor 200 Sport even with the top Jet Ski models, it wins in terms of safety and comfort. The entire bow of the deck is occupied by a sunbed, over which a bimini top is optionally stretched. Under the mattress there is a large storage area where you can store sports equipment, including water skis. This is certainly not offered by any Jet Ski. In the best case, the jet ski is equipped with a hermetically sealed box where you can put dry clothes, a phone and other items.

There are also several cockpit solutions on the Saxdor 200. In addition to the three-seat jet ski type seat, you can order a version with two captain’s chairs and a sofa in the stern. Saxdor also significantly improved the habitability of the space, so this year they offer two more cockpit configurations: a dining table can appear between the pilot’s seats and aft seats, and if there is a task to take even more people, there is a deck layout with 6 guest seats. In addition, a deck shower and the ability to install a toilet module. Indeed, on board such a boat you can spend the whole day.

In general, you can use this unusual scooter boat not only to ride with the breeze or sunbathe lazily. Thanks to the minimum draft, the 200 Sport can go fishing or jet skiing – there is a special mount for them.

We have compiled a table of the main differences between a boat and a jet ski:


Saxdor 200

Jet Ski
Acceleration to high speeds  




Opportunity to spend a day on the water


Possibility of water skiing



The comfort of water skiing


Possibility to store skis +

And the most interesting — the cost! The price of the Saxdor 200 Sport is almost commensurate with the cost of a good brand Jet Ski.

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