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A pool in Australia generates 5 different types of waves for surfers

A pool in Australia generates 5 different types of waves for surfers

This structure in Australia is the largest pool in the world that is capable of generating waves. And not just one wave, but 5 types at once. It can also produce over 2,000 waves per hour, which is suitable for all levels of training and technique. This technology simulates oncoming waves, arriving in groups of two to six, and breaking on specially shaped reefs.

Wave formation technology is based on the following principles: concentric flow comes from a central wave device. The waves then crash against many underwater reefs and coastlines. Each reef is shaped differently, which allows the wave energy to dissipate and therefore create waves that break at different speeds, shapes and sizes. Each pulse of the central waveform can generate up to ten separate waves.

The pool has waves for all abilities:

Level 1 — beginner. Here people can learn to row, catch waves and stand on special boards;

Level 2 — medium. A smooth wave is formed, which is easy to catch, ride and learn to make turns;

Level 3 — advanced. A slightly larger wave, with a steeper take-off and more critical sections for tricky turns and over-wave maneuvers

Level 4 — expert. The maneuver starts with a five second barrel, followed by a wave for tricky turns and aerial stunts. Suitable for training, competition and events;

Level 5 — professional. Wave forming a tunnel suitable for high level surfers. Its height is over 2 meters — the largest of all waves.

The hardest part of surfing is training. In sports, you can hone your skills through constant training in a stable environment, but in surfing this was not possible before, since the waves do not form the same way. This pool can help you build skill smoothly as you progress from entry-level to more challenging conditions.

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